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SAT, 08.07 / 16:30

The members of Põhja Konn are versatile and no strangers to classical, jazz, rock, funk and pop music. At the crossroads of genres, they’re able to breathe life into a complete organism that is fully amphibious and can be described by keywords such as text and sound, past and present, harmony and melody, form and content. In 2016, they released their eponymous debut album.

Estonian poetry by Betti Alver, Karl Ristikivi, Jakob Liiv, Lydia Koidula and Juhan Liiv. Stylistically the band leans towards classical harmonies, profound grooves and a strong sense of formal structure. With influences from early Estonian Rock sounds of Ruja and In Spe to Genesis, Beardfish and Gentle Giant, this is a band that is well versed in old-school prog rock, and blends these colours together in a new pallet that is fresh, whilst still recognizing its roots.

Põhja Konn translates as Northern Frog – a mythological creature derived from the Devil figure in Biblical semantics, which was later transformed into a dragon-like beast in Estonian folklore.